Sunday, October 19

Congress OKs $87 billion

"The Senate joined the House in passing legislation Friday to grant President Bush's request for $87 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan... Differing versions set up House-Senate showdown over whether aid to Iraq should be loan or grant."

The so-called "showdown" should be a debate about whether we should charge minimal interest or really sock-it to 'em.

Assuming we absolutely have to spend this money in Iraq, shouldn't we at least incorporate a little common sense? I get furious watching our government as it considers paying $9 million for the creation of zip codes in Iraq. Have you heard about this? Could it possibly cost $9 million to set up a zip code system? I'm unemployed. Please give me this job. I will do it for half of that and still donate a million to my favorite charity and send all five of my kids to college.

Does anyone see this as anything less than absurd? It's as absurd as spending $33 million on a promotional campaign to educate people on how to use the new $20 bill, urging people to take the new money seriously. I think the assumption that it will take millions of dollars to keep the general public capable of spending a $20 bill because it went through a few color changes and enhancements is both offensive and irresponsible.

Kurtis D. Reiner
Absolutely No Political Party Affiliation

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