Thursday, July 19

Kid Thoughts

My kids are amazing. They’re so resilient with big, forgiving hearts. I don’t want to break them trying to fix them. I don’t want to harm them in an effort to protect them. I want them to be happy. I can’t yet provide everything their hearts desire but I can certainly try and make sure that no matter what they face in life, they have a father that will always love them, never give up on them, and will always encourage them. They make me stronger though I remain very weak. Inside, my imaginings are of a future full of plans that will change my life, my children’s lives, and even lives around the world. I don’t yet have the strength or confidence in myself to reveal these thoughts and dreams and begin these changes, but on some days - every now and then - I feel that strength and become aware that it’s possible. That awareness prevents my surrender.

Don't surrender.

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