Wednesday, August 29

Condi Rice Rocks (Hear me out)

I can't say I ever wanna hear anything Condi Rice has to say regarding political policies or issues - but what a person. Enjoyed hearing her speak tonight at the RNC - love her biography - beautiful American story no matter what side of the political fence we all sit.

By the way - what a heart wrenching story of poverty last night when Ann Romney gave her speech and shared with us how she and Mitt had to sell some of (not all - but still) their stocks just to pay bills while in college. Can you imagine? I actually had a similar story - I once had to sell some of my socks just to pay bills while I was attending an online university, racking up student loan debt that I still haven't finished paying, 6 years later. But I am able to afford new socks now. So at least my feet know what it's like to live like a Romney. I also give 10% of my socks to Goodwill and call it Tithes. Change 3 letters in my adopted last name and I'm virtually a Romney already.

This just in...

Too funny, did you just see Paul Ryan's wife introduce him for his convention speech? Sure she looked nervous as she should - I used to performed in front of thousands playing the snare drum - but I was well practiced and there by choice. Didn't she look just a tad bit scared - a deeper scared than just being on that stage? It's like she realizes that her husband and his party are really bad for women. She's always known how scary his positions are and she's smart - so it's not escaping her that people see her and wonder how in the world can she, an intelligent lawyer (I know) be married to a man who co-signed a bill that would narrow the definition of rape - because apparently some rape just really isn't that bad. He actually considers rape just another form of conception.

To paraphrase from Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show on radio and Current TV - Stephanie said something similar to 'if these Republican men could get pregnant - there would be abortion clinics on every corner'. How true - and just imagine how eager they would be to make abortion exceptions for rape if that stint they did in county lockup led to an unwanted pregnancy. But wait - if a man is raped and never gets pregnant - that proves what Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri said, it must be legitimate rape and the man's body just shut that whole thing down.

This is why the right thinks homosexuality is wrong - if no one never gets pregnant having homosexual sex, apparently none of the sex is consensual - it's all just gay rape and the human body knows it needs to shut that whole thing down. I know - that last part was just a bunch of silliness, but at least I am kidding and know better (and I'm not a sitting member of the Committee on Science in Congress). 

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